Unknown facts about PULSE candy

If you are a Candy lover and you haven’t popped in Pulse, then you are seriously living off the grid. That tangy burst in your mouth is something that has earned the Pulse owner a whooping fortune. And if you are someone who is a die hard fan of the fresh fruity flavour, you will be happy to know some unknown facts about your favourite candy.

Here are some interesting facts about PULSE:


1. Idea to make PULSE hit the owners while playing CANDY CRUSH.

Facts about Pulse India Beat Pluss Topiced


2. Demand for Pulse is so high, that it is sold in black market at 50% higher price.


3. 50 Candies are sold EVERY SECOND since it is introduced in the Market.


4. There are more than 10 fake options available – BEAT, PLUSS, PUNCH, etc..


5. It took 2 years for DS team to come up with this amazing flavour.


6. PULSE is amongst very few products to cross 100 Crore mark in less that 8 months; that too without any marketing budget.


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7. Pulse went against the grain by pricing it for Re 1 while other candies like Mango Bite, Alpenliebe were at 50 paise.


Facts about Pulse India Beat Pluss Topiced



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