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In Bollywood, many actresses come and go. Very few succeeds to leaves a mark. One such legend is Madhubala, one of the most desirable women of her time in Hindi Cinema. She ruled many hearts with her extraordinary work in movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Barsaat Ki Raat, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Mr. & Mrs. ’55, Amar and more.

Her signature smile won many hearts but her innocent eyes hold within many untold stories. A pristine beauty rose from rags to riches but had a very tragic death. Born on 14th February 1933, Madhubala started her career at a very early age to support her poor family.



1. From the family of 13 members, Madhubala was born fifth as “Mumtaz”.


2. She joined Cinema at the age of 9 to support her family in hard times.


3. At 14, Madhubala played leading lady against Raj Kapoor in movie ‘Neel Kamal’. This was her last film as Mumtaz.

After this, she decided to use her screen name – Madhubala.


4. Madhubala could not speak English, but always wanted to learn it. Being a strong-willed person, she began to learn and mastered it by the time she was 17 years old.


5. Stories of her Beauty went beyond the boundaries of India. An American Magazine titled her the “The Biggest Star in the World” seeing her fan following, even though she is not in Beverly Hills.


6. From nearly 70 films done, only 15 movies had box-office success.

7. Madhubala’s relationship with Dilip Kumar shooted headlines. They first met on the sets of ‘Jwar Bhata’ and fell in love during the shooting of their film ‘Tarana’.


8. The reason behind Madhubala and Dilip Kumar break-up was denial from Madhubala’s Father.


9. Later on, Madhubala’s father realized his mistake and dragged Dilip Kumar to court for not keeping his promise to marry Madhubala. It is said that Dilip Kumar confessed his love for Madhubala in a courtroom and said – “I shall always love her until the day she dies.”


10. Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were no more in a relationship when they shooted for Mughal-E-Azam.


11. Her dream to marry Dilip Kumar could not come true. She married Kishore Kumar to bounce back.


12. She died at an early age of 36.

Prithviraj Kapoor visiting the grave of Madhubala in 1969


13. Madhubala suffered a heart problem. She went to London for treatment wherein doctors said she only had a year more. Against all odds, she lived nine more years after that.


14. When she was an infant, the renowned Muslim holy man predicted that she is destined to live a rich yet unhappy life, and will have an early death.


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15. Her statue scene in movie Mughal-e-azam is considered to be one of the classic shot by her.


16. Long drives were the mode of relaxation for her.


17. ‘Chalaak’ was her last film against Raj Kapoor that remained incomplete.


18. She always wanted to direct a film.


19. She was a dog lover.

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