Mukti Mohan & Shakti Mohan Fusion Dance on “Shape of You” Carnatic Mix is just awesome!

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is one of the most watched song on YouTube since it’s release. Everyone is trying to add flavorful art to this music, and videos for this has been flooding internet since then. Well, we have got one more reason to thank Ed Sheeran for this lovely music! Sister and dancing divas – Mukti Mohan and Shakti Mohan have released a video of them dancing on this music with Carnatic fusion. The moves and music are just so soothing that we bet you cannot resist putting this on a loop..!

Video is released by Nritya Shakti which is apparently owned by Shakti Mohan.

Hope we could do a bit to soothe your mood via this video! 😉

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